Welcome to My Therapy Room!

Congratulations on embarking on a journey toward a richer, more fulfilling life! We all encounter roadblocks along the way, and I'm no exception. From battling anxiety and depression to navigating through a maze of unhealthy coping mechanisms, I've faced my share of challenges. These struggles strained my relationships and left me feeling adrift.


The thought of opening up to a therapist was daunting at first, but I knew I had to confront my pain and reclaim control over my life. Therapy became my compass, guiding me towards healing and resilience. Now, after years of dedication, I've cultivated a toolbox of coping skills and reclaimed my presence in the world. I share this with you in the hope that it might inspire your own transformative journey.


I view therapy as an investment in oneself—a commitment of time, energy, and resources that yields immeasurable returns. It's one of the most empowering decisions I've ever made, and I invite you to explore its potential in your life.


In addition to being a psychotherapist, I proudly stand as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. My practice is a welcoming space for individuals of all backgrounds, with a special affinity for military personnel and fellow LGBTQIA+ individuals. Whether you're seeking support for combat PTSD or simply navigating life's complexities, you'll find a safe haven here.


My approach to therapy is multifaceted, drawing from modalities such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART). Through a blend of acceptance, mindfulness, and trauma-informed techniques, I strive to foster psychological flexibility and empower clients to confront life's challenges with resilience.


I recognize the importance of therapist-client compatibility, as it forms the foundation of effective therapy. If you've resonated with my journey thus far, I encourage you to reach out. Whether you're grappling with your identity or seeking support as an ally, this is a space where you're embraced with compassion and understanding. I invite you to come as you are.


As you embark on your path of healing and growth, know that you're not alone. I'm here to walk alongside you, offering support, guidance, and a listening ear. Together, let's navigate the twists and turns of life, embracing each moment with courage and grace.


Ready to get started? Give me a call or email today!